Home Workout | DAY 3

Home workout for men and woman

Day 3 of our home workout devised with London based personal trainer Joey Jex from Apex fitness. 

Remember - a work out is great for your skin, hair and sleep. 

Lets get this done and feel good. 


  • Do 3 Rounds of each exercise 
  • Each exercise - 45 Secs on/20 Secs off
  • 45 sec rest between rounds


1] - Burpees




Make sure you're keeping your form- try not to flare your arms.


3] - Mountain Climbers



4] - Wall Sits



5] - Tricep Dips



6] - Side Plank 

45 seconds on each side


7] - Side To Side Kick Outs 

If you cannot do these do classic sit ups.



If you would like to learn more about Joey and Apex fitness please click here