The TenT Story

Our Story

TenT was founded almost as a byproduct, after a long trial and error ridden search to find healthy nutritional products that could halt the founders hair loss.

Through extensive research and working with experts in the field TenT was able to develop products that initially were designed to tackle issues related to hair, skin and sleep from the inside out, building the confidence of the user while
educating them on the benefits of great nutrition.


TenT was designed with a purpose in mind, reimagining the concept of wellness and grooming from the inside-out. designing a line of products that target specifically the issue that people suffer from in their day to day lives.


The combinations of the finest clean Nootropics and Nutricosmetics supplements, alongside Paraben and Sulphate free grooming products, has enabled Tent to take a holistic approach wellness, lifestyle and grooming.


+ TenT is about reimagining wellness & grooming
+ TenT is about fixing problems from the inside
+ TenT is about feeling more confident
+ TenT is about not being another brick in the wall
+ TenT is about providing the best possible products
+ TenT is about zigging when others zag
+ TenT is about being individual