The TenT Story

A story built on a need

Our story begins in early 2016, not in a good place confidence wise I was sat in a bar with a friend and unaware of the large light above my head, when he unceremoniously said "f*ck me you're going bald!"

This hit hard and I could not work out why it affected me so badly, it ruined the evening for me and I even felt embarrassed for feeling this way.

But I vowed from that moment to not lose any more hair and went on a journey of discovery to find a solution. After a few years of extensive research, trying all product from natural to medical and speaking with nutritionists and hair care professionals I eventually found great mixture of nutrients and vitamins that really helped.

I soon realised I was struggling to tell my friends where to buy all the nutrients needed and decided to launch TenT, a place that makes no nonsense products that work, helping you look great and feel great.

Andy (Founder)

Bottling great products

Whether it is our nutritional products or our grooming/lifestyle products we are dedicated to creating only the best.

Using scientifically proven active ingredients that are shown to work, and leaving out the unnecessary our products produce results.

We are also committed to doing things the right way, so we only offer carboin neautral sjhipping, use recycabnle packaging and our dedicated. to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.