Made Healthy

In a world where nutrition and grooming is made enmasse and sold through mass advertising, we wanted to stand alone as by producing more artisan style products that truly work.


At TenT we are dedicated to doing things the right way and producing the best products on the market. We searched long and hard to find the perfect manufacturing partner, with a stringent list of musts, we were able to find a company that fulfilled our needs.

Our manufacturer (founded in 1965) develops our Vegan products by using the Trufil® system to hand fill and encapsulate the purest products possible. 

Our manufacturers are certified as following-
  • Health Food Manufacturers Association who certify that the follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • By the Soil Association for the manufacture of organic products
  • The Vegetarian Society for the production of vegan and vegetarian products
  • AIB International, monitoring quality of food production through on-site analysis and tests
  • Environmental Health (UK Health department)
  • Food and Drug Administration (USA Health department)
  • Health Canada (Canadian Health department)
  • Other government agencies  
Sourcing and Ingredients 

The purity and sustainability of ingredients are of the utmost importance. Sourcing good quality, non-GMO ingredients is a primary focus when formulating. TenT focus on where raw materials come from, and ensure they are investigated with extensive research and testing to verify ingredients are what they purport to be.

Unlike a lot of other supplement companies, we are very keen to remove potentially harmful ingredients from our products, ensuring a pure product. Hence why you will never see TenT producing a gummy style vitamin. 

Ingredients we ensure are not in our products include

  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colourings
Design and Packaging 

When starting TenT design of the product and packaging were paramount, we were adamant on creating a superb looking product that gives a fantastic experience, looks great in hand and in house, but also has a minimal eco effect on the planet. Despite extra cost, we feel it was worth the effort.

Product delivery-  

  • Product shipping from manufacturing does not include any bubble wrap, they are purely set in cardboard 

Product packaging all recyclable-    

  • Glass bottle
  • Paper label (the majority of companies use a plastic wrap, which negates the recyclable side to the glass bottle. This does mean however that due to the artisan element of the paper there are slight variations on each label)  
  • Metal lid 
  • Recycled biodegradable plastic lid sleeve. (This is unavoidable, as needed to keep the product fresh. However, it is recycled biodegradable plastic, which accounts for only 1% of plastics currently)  

Postage packaging-

  • Cardboard box 
  • Wood wool for product protection