• Using key ingredients Saw Palmetto and Reishi extract to combat DHT production, a potent androgen hormone that shrinks follicles and shorten the hair growth cycle.

• Reducing DHT production by up to 30%, enough to have a strong impact on hair loss, but not enough to trigger unwanted side effects.

• Reishi mushroom extract (known as "the mushroom of eternal youth") acts as a powerful inhibitor of DHT, while helping reduce breakage, thicken hair protein, fight antioxidants, while promoting healthier & stronger hair.

• Keratin is the core protein in hair and its decline can lead to dry, brittle and broken hair. In tern this can lead to shedding and hair loss. We know that it is important to keep keratin strong to ensure thicker healthier hair.

• By pairing powerful natural ingredients such as biotin, MSM and folic acid we are ensuring that the hair keratin remains strong, leading to stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

• Hair growth is related to general hair health, our hair supplement focuses on improving hair growth by improving cell regeneration in the scalp.

• Niacinamide, sea kelp and alfalfa are a few of the ingredients specifically added to help improve cell regeneration and improving blood flow to the scalp stimulating the follicles.

• The environment we live in has a drastic affect on our hairs health, from not providing the needed natural vitamins to clogging follicle holes, thus reducing hair production.

• By combining powerful anti-oxidants to fight issues such as pollution, UV rays and other toxins in the atmosphere our supplement ensure your scalp remains healthy.

• The body tiers the importance of where nutrients should go, meaning that often hair is the last to receive nutrients.

• This lack of nutrients is incredibly important for healthy hair. Designed to make up for any short fall, our supplement uses ingredients that the body will prioritise for the hair, helping to ensure healthier, thicker hair.

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Reported their hair felt thicker.


Reported a reduction in hair loss.


Reported an improvement in hair growth.

hair loss supplement for woman
hair loss supplement




active ingredients.

ingredients benefit result
saw palmetto (4:1).           reduces hair loss reduces DHT production, follice shrinkage and maintains a healthy hormone levels. Extract is concnetrated at a 4 to 1 ratio.                               
biotin. strengthens hair stimulates and strengthens the hairs Keratin infrastructure significantly reduce hair shedding, breakage and improves hair thickening.                              
horsetail extract. thickens hair strengthens Keratin infrastructure, improves blood circulation, stimulates follicle growth leading to healthier hair follicles.
reishi mushroom extract.           a powerful inhibitor of DHT reduces hair loss and protects scalp from ennviromental toxins & free radical damage.
niacinamide. vital in growing long, strong hair boosts circulation to the hair, enhancing the appearance and feel of the hair.          
sea kelp. regulates hormones, promotes new hair and cell growth Kelp includes iron, iodine, Vitamin K, Vitamins B, B12, B2 & L-lysine. Working to regulate hormones for help with thinning during menopause, while moisturising the hair and scalp.          
vitamin c. promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss Vitamin C is shown to significantly improve hair anchoring and strengthen hair.          
alfalfa. boosts collagen production in hair a 'superfood' that regenerates cells and disrupts the oxidative stress on cell. Boost hair growth and hair health.          
msm reduces inflammation and dandruff strengthens Kreatin (hair protein), an anti inflammatory and antioxidant that reduces inflammation and dandruff production.          
vitamins a, d & e. prevents follice clogging creates new follicles, encourages healthy skin cells and fights UV rays, free radicals and pollution.
folic acid important for new cell generation stimulates the rebuilding of the hair follicle cells, helping rejuvenate shedding areas of the scalp.          
bioperine. significantly improves product absorption shown to significantly improve the absorption and performance of the supplement.           


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Will hair supplement make my body hairier?

No, the body has two different types of hair, our hair supplement is designed to help head hair and will not affect the hair on the rest of your body.

Are TenT Products Vegan?

Most of our products are vegan.

However our skin product uses Marine collagen peptides and our collagen powder is made from Bovine collagen peptides.

Our capsules are all vegan friendly and TenT does not test on animals.

Are TenT Products Unisex?

Yes, all our products can be used by any gender.

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects?

One of the main reasons we decided to develop a more natural, nutritional solution is because of the lack of side effects.