Why We All Need Our Sleep

Why We All Need Our Sleep

It is well know that a lack of sleep is not great for general health, but did you know the affects it can have on your body?

In this post we are going to go through 7 issues that arise due to a lack of shuteye and good rest.

Sex Drive

Thought we should start with the serious business and something you don't really associate with a lack of shuteye, but it's true, poor sleep is prone to making people feeling uninterested in doing the deed, something you probably never thought possible. 

The reason for the lack of drive is due to your body not being able to produce as much testosterone, a process that happens only when you’re in the deepest stages of sleep. 

Skin Pitfalls

We all know the feeling, after a poor nights sleep what we see staring back at ourselves in the mirror is not exactly the 100% version of yourself. But did you know the longer you deprive your body of quality rest and time for cell regeneration the more permanent and dire those effects are going to become.

For example, those who don’t get enough sleep increase their risk of early ageing, as sleep is usually when collagen and other proteins that give skin its elasticity are repaired.

Also, sleep deprivation is linked heavily with acne, as sleep helps to rebalance the skin’s natural moisture content. 

Hair Issues 

Studies have shown that there’s a strong link between poor sleep and losing your hair. 

That’s because sleep deprivation, and the stress that so often goes along with it, affects hormone levels in the body, triggering the onset of male pattern baldness in those susceptible (which research indicates is about 65% of all men). 

Weight Control

Yep, those trousers aren't gonna fit as well if you are not getting some good rest. Since sleep has a big stake in controlling the two hormones (Ghrelin and Leptin) that affect your appetite.

Ghrelin tells the brain that you’re hungry, and Leptin tells the brain that you’re not. In those that are sleep deprived, scientists have seen increases in Ghrelin and decreases in Leptin, causing them to constantly crave a meal.


Sleep deprivation can drastically affect your memory, as night is the time when the brain turns short-term memories into permanent ones and cells regenerate.

Interesting fact: According to the Royal Society For Public Health, after 24 hours of being awake is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol content of 0.10% in your body.  


Imagine working your arse off at the gym for no reason. All those hours bench-pressing, squatting, and curling your way to a better body, yet for some reason it's not coming.

Yes a six-pack can be built in the kitchen, but no REM sleep = no six pack, no increase in muscle muscle mass, period.

Some Serious Stuff

Now for some really serious side effects. It is shown that if you do not sleep enough then your chances of the following increase dramatically 

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death


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