The Advantages Of Some Good Exercise

The Advantages Of Some Good Exercise

At any time of the year getting motivated to get up and get the exercise done can be tough. But getting that exercise done can have so many advantages that maybe reminding yourself of this will help pull you through.

So here we are outlining so of the fantastic benefits that being active and exercise can bring to your life and hopefully giving you a little motivation to get going when you are ready.


Exercise can make you happy??? Yep, that’s right building up a sweat not only releases endorphins, but it can fill you with a sense of pride that is difficult to replicate.

That is because you know you are taking active steps to make your life better, and what better feeling could there be?

Now the word ‘exercise’ means different things to different people and whether it is a spin class, a weights session or simply a brisk walk, it doesn’t matter. The practise of doing the activity on a regular basis is what will make you feel happier within yourself.

If you are not sure what is for you, experiment, try a brisk walk, trial a gym (most gyms will give you a discount off your 1st month or a few free sessions). Try your hand at a local class, there are often a multitude of activities in most areas.



Completing a tough workout, especially when you'd much rather stay in bed, can give you a serious confidence boost.

Sticking to your plan can make you feel like you can take on the world. Seeing progress can be a huge morale booster too, and that’s not only measured with lifting heavier weight, but that could also be a new personal best in a run or finally starting to nail that yoga move you’ve been struggling with.

When done, believe us, you’ll feel like you can take on anything.



Many of us are prone to having energy dips, this is perfectly natural, but amazingly exercise might actually help you feel less tired and give you more energy.

This is due to your bodies blood; your blood flow improves greatly when exercising regularly. With a stronger blood flow, the muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, helping them to produce more energy.

Researchers found that even low-to-moderate-intensity exercise for just 20 minutes a day, three days a week for six weeks can help improve fatigue and boost energy levels.



So exercising isn’t going to just get rid of all your stressed in life, but boy can it help.

A lot of research shows that working out is a great de-stressor, as exercise helps replace the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol with endorphins (the hormone that makes you feel good).

Working out not only releases endorphins and keeps stressors at bay, but it also helps ones mental state, by increasing the chemicals serotonin and dopamine in the brain you are able to enjoy a more relaxed mental state and improved sleep.



Research indicates a trend between working out and getting a handle on anxiety and depression.

The National Institute of Mental Health in the USA believes that a healthy lifestyle, made up of getting enough exercise and sleep is an effect way of handling anxiety and depression.

Please be aware however, if cases are severe enough exercise should not be the single treatment for mental care and professional, medical care is recommended.



This has perhaps never been more apt than after the last few years.

But pandemic aside, life can throw up some curve balls (such as unexpected job loss) and exercise can provide that anchor needed to keep you rooted when the days and hours can feel pointless.

Whether it is your daily gym session, or the walk/run you get up for in the morning, keeping these routines can really help you through some tough or chaotic times.



Sleep, sleep, sleep, it’s often what we all really need. It is the time when your body does its best work, and pure logic indicates we will be more tired and sleep better if we have exercised in some form.

As mentioned, exercise releases serotonin and dopamine, the chemicals responsible for helping us relax, reducing sleep latency and get a great nights sleep. Exercise helps you show your body some love.

Your body is amazing, the human body is truly a work of art. So why do we not all show it the love and respect it deserves? Finishing a tough workout is a great reason to be proud and give yourself a pat on the back.

The post session high is a real feeling and it helps you to feel great about yourself and your body.


Oh and before we forget, in general those who exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle live long, so that's a good one to remember,



Negative self talk, why do we do it? Now lets stop it