Lets stay healthy this Christmas

Lets stay healthy this Christmas

The festive period: A time to relax (hopefully), hang out with friends and family, let yourself forget about the worries and stresses of everyday life.

But we all know that the mince pies, quality street and extra booze does come at a price if we are not careful.

So here are five super easy ways to avoid tipping the scales this silly season.


Get to know your beverage

If you are looking for low calorie options that can keep you in the party mood, then head to the liquor cabinet and find the clear spirits. Clear spirits with soda water is a great option. A little bland on its own, but why not add a little fruit to give it some flavour, lime, lemon or even orange can turn it into a beauty.

If that is not your thing then it’s going to have to be something else, but make sure to watch the sugar intake, mixing sugary drinks with alcohol is a one-way ticket to Fatsville I’m afraid.

But if its wine you’re after we would recommend Red for its lower sugar content and higher vitamin content.


Know when you're full

Food that just needs to be nibbled continually seems to be everywhere during the Xmas period.

But spending your days grazing can really hurt the waistline and general health, so why not space out your meals to keep a normal and healthy(ish) eating pattern. Keep to your two or three main meals (whatever you normally do) and only snack once or twice, just to treat yourself.

Remember, eat because you’re hungry, not just because it’s there


Put it away…

If you can’t stop grazing, then simply put the food away - out of sight, out of mind - put the sweets in the cupboard, put the leftovers in the fridge. You’d be amazed how much less you eat when that bowl of celebrations are not sat on the table staring at you.


Sweet treats- what are you having?

Determined that you are going to have treats this Xmas, I mean why not, it hasn’t been the most fun year and you’ve worked hard to get through it.

But why not look to the dark chocolate treats this year, rather than sweets, milk chocolate or biscuits. You are less likely to overeat on dark chocolate and it even comes with some potential benefits.

Including being a good antioxidant, lowering blood pressure, improving brain function and being a good source of nutrition.


Adapt and conquer

If you are someone that has set fitness or health goals don’t dismiss them just because the silly season is here. You can still achieve even if you are feasting on Turkey and stuffing.

Adapt and conquer, this might mean a slightly different routine to normal and slightly different goals. i.e.- instead of working out every day, work out every other day and maybe just ensure to get some steps in on the non-workout day.

But staying on top of your goals and tracking your progress means ou shouldn't skip a beat.



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