How To Keep Your Energy Up In Winter

How To Keep Your Energy Up In Winter

Winter... For some a period of time they enjoy, but for most the toughest time of the year is about to start. The clock change, the nights seem to go on forever and the weather - oh the weather - there are many advantages to living in countries such as the UK, but the weather is not one of them 

During these never ending months one of the biggest issues people face is keeping their energy and moral high. Xmas for most provides some light recourse from the winter, but once over it's a straight 3 month slog till the evening shorter and the weather improves.

So here we are looking at some of the best ways to keep your energy and in turn attitude and moral high.


Exercise Keep yourself moving

An active lifestyle benefits your body in an amazing amount of ways, helping to burn calories and having an impact on your mood.

In winter it is more important than ever to feel good and let those endorphins that come from exercise take over you.

So each day try to get some exercise in - maybe a good gym session or yoga class. Or simply go for a brisk 30-minute walk, it will all improve your mood and your health in the long run. 

If a gym session or even a walk is out the question, then stretching could be your answer- Tight muscles sap energy. As well as improving flexibility and posture, stretching reduces stress, improves circulation by increasing blood supply to your muscles, and helps you move more efficiently, so you use less energy.



As dehydration is one of the causes for feeling tired and not energetic.

Many of us don’t drink enough water in the winter months and it’s still just as important as it was in spring and summer.

Drinking water will protect your skin from the cold air drying it out and flush out toxins. Also even though you might not feel thirsty, staying hydrated is a must.

Try to drink water, herbal teas the one you like or infuse your water with cucumber, lemon, or with the fruits of your own choice.


Relax and be mindful

Practicing mindfulness, and particularly engaging in a simple meditation practice, has been linked to a host of cognitive benefits.

Allowing yourself some time to relax, quiet the mind, and focus on regular, smooth breathing can boost the brain’s executive functions, reduce impulsive and emotional behaviour, improve mood, and leave you feeling energised.


Sunlight (when possible)

Take walks in the sunshine, or open your curtains as soon as you get up to let more sunlight come into your place.

A lack of light/darkness produces more melatonin in your body and you will feel sluggish and sleepy.

So make sure your home and workplace are well lit and airy. Sometimes a lack of certain vitamins can also make you tired, if it's ongoing speak with your doctor to check if you have any vitamin deficiencies.


You've gotta eat right people

Enjoy the winter food, there is an abundance of fruit and veg in season that will help boost your immune system.

Oranges, blueberries, persimmon, beetroot and kale to name a few, are great for vitamin C and antioxidants, so it’s a good idea to incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet.

We all know, but yes try to have a moderate amount of starchy foods in your diet like bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. especially if you aren’t having much exercise or physical activities.


A good routine

Does a good routine also have an impact on our energy levels? Yes - the sufficient amount of sleep we need can be varied for everyone, but normally our body needs seven to eight hours of sleep to recover.

Waking up early with the sunrise can also have many positive and refreshing effects on our body but in order to wake up early in the morning, we have to go to bed early as well!
A good routine helps us set our inner clock which results in more balanced energy levels in our body. After a good night's sleep, our body has more energy in the morning, allowing us to finish the most demanding tasks in the morning.




Of course we are going to mention this, but it is extremely true, the natural source of Vitamin D diminishes a lot in winter and easy/junk food becomes more and more appealing when the nights draw in, plus when the Xmas spirt takes over - cakes, wine and Xmas parties are happening in abundance. 

Therefore it is extremely important to stay on top of your supplement in take, we believe TenT's supplement range offers nearly all the vitamins you'll need to stay healthy, look good and sleep soundly.

There's even an Energy supplement to help ensure you keep the energy up without side effects, such as the jitters etc....


PRO TIP: Listen to upbeat music or music that transports you to a great time in your life, this is a really great tip for boosting your mood and in turn your energy. This isn't just for winter- this works year round for a little pick up.



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