Feed your hair – the best foods for hair health

Feed your hair – the best foods for hair health

Hair loss, hair thinning, and hair shedding can make anyone feel a little down. It can be damaging to our confidence, our self-esteem, and our general well-being.

The sooner you address the symptoms of hair loss, the more likely you are to prevent irreversible damage.

And while there are certain products on the market, such as our very own HAIR-supplement, that can significantly help, food also makes a serious contribution. Eating the correct foods will most certainly contribute to fuller, healthier, thicker hair.

So, whether you are already in the midst of a hair loss nightmare or you are starting to worry, here are 5 great food types to encourage a thicker thatch.


Leafy Greens

This may seem obvious; we are continually told how fantastic vegetables are for us and they are. But when it comes to hair loss, it is important to choose the correct ones.

Unlink their more colourful friends (carrots, potatoes etc…) dark leafy green, such as Kale, are packed full of the nutrients that prevent hair loss.

This is because the darker leafy greens contain: iron, vitamin A, folate, vitamin C and beta carotene, all nutrients shown to make a difference in hair strength and health.

Some green options to get you on your way:

  • Collards 
  • Kale 
  • Spinach


Nuts and Seeds

If like me, you are trying to find a substitute for eating sweets during the day or at night then these nutrients packed little darlings can help.

Packed with omega 3, zinc, vitamin E and selenium, nuts will provide you with nutrients great for keeping your hair strong and most importantly helping to prevent hair loss.

If you are thinking of grabbing some seeds or nuts and snacking down to improve your barnet, then here are some great choices.

  • Flax seeds 
  • Chia seeds
  • Walnuts 
  • Brazil nuts 
  • Almonds 



Make a booking for a sushi restaurant, because some of the best fish in the world are also great for your hair.

This is because of their essential fatty acid content; these include the ever-helpful vitamin D and of course Omega-3. Both of which are fantastic for your hair health.

But which sashimi should you reach for? Well, the most obvious and ubiquitous also seem to be the best. So keep an eye out in store or in the restaurant for plates that contain:

  • Salmon
  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna



Scrambled, poached, sunny side up, hard boiled, soft boiled, whatever your preference, if you like eggs and are concerned about your hair health, then think about upping your intake.

This is because eggs have a little bit of everything in them, nature’s own super smoothie. The contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Plus, the are a great source of protein – which extremely important in keeping your hair strong and healthy, while prevent hair loss.



The other obvious candidate along with vegetables. Having fruit in any diet is extremely important as they are a great natural source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C are so important for the hair, this is because they protect hair follicles from free radicals that are in the atmosphere and help to build strong thicker hair.

But which of the 100’s of fruit options are best for a great man, well we would recommend adding a selection of these to your everyday diet:

  • Oranges
  • Blueberries
  • Other berries 
  • Apricots
  • Grapes
  • Cherries 


Like anything else in life that is worth doing, ensuring you have a great head of hair takes dedication.

This means ensuring to eat right, sleep well, stay active and ensure you are taking the correct supplements.

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